Question #5:
Can you imagine the possibility that each of our institutions might forge a bond with one of the Society’s works of popular education for our mutual enlightenment and enrichment?
(Discussion and Sharing)

Need to educate to act with compassion

Clarifying the definition --- making the heart of Jesus known by educating the poor, engaging with others

Conversation wiith Society of what is happening "out there."
What do these small communtiies really need?

Talk about who do we want to be part of this conversation? Alums? Parents?

How do our students fit? Create more sophisticated programming in what we do.

Share and develop in a sustainable manner -- with energy


5. Popular Education (Nicki Noel)
- educate children to transform world by educating the children to compassion
- what is happening in the Society outside the schools: need to know what is happening
- need to know what is needed
- who do we want to be part of this conversation? Alums, parents
- how do our students fit?
- programming expansion
- share our resources in a sustainable way
- school in Uganda - we are aware
(Gerry Grossman)