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Maureen Ryan
Sacre Coeur, Australia
We need to be BOLD
We have a holy vocation to education

Chris Carpenter
Hammersmith, England
Response Powerpoint

What are the distinctive competencies of a Sacred Heart education for the 21st century?
How do we teach/share/speak the language of the heart -- of the Spirit?
How do we ensure - develop - nourish continuing discerning and visionary leadership?

Prue Wilson -

Kim Sook Hee, RSCJ
Sacred Heart School, Korea
Response document

Reference to Ann Wright

- government limits school's ability to select students, teachers, and curriculum
- requires creativity to do Sacred Heart education
- formation of teachers and staff: challenge to be "holy scholars"
- youth culture in Korea?
-- How to accompany the young people without being left behind
- globalized culture
-- rise of prejudices can happen in the technological/global world
- integrity of creation
-- Taoism, Buddhism- ready made entry point for this conversation
- Korea: huge challenge in facing the stewardship of creation
-- government wants to build military base on cherished, beautiful island; pressure from US government to build this base
- globalization's negative impact
-- exclusion of people
-- poverty
-- trafficing of women
- compassion is the end of our education
-- how to help our children grow in compassion? Be with those who most need our compassion
--SH opened a class for special needs/ mentally challenged students, part of the day in which they are mainstreamed: how to live with diversity? Grow in compassion.
(Gerry Grossman)

Suzanne Cooke, RSCJ
Schools of the Sacred Heart in Carrollton, Miami

Response powerpoint

As we communicate back and forth together we reveal and engage the heart of God. We are a commuinty of light. Our education is a force field charged with love.

Sacred Heart competencies
imperative that we insist on genuine silence (Espacio)
unable to develop the capacity for listening without silence
genuine conversation that is mutually intended on makingus each aware of the holy, the spark of the divine
-Self-knowledge Leading to Maturity
not ego-centism -- genuinely knowing your heart and mind -- self-knowledge -- celebrating for the sake of the common good
-Hope as Compassionate Action
rooted in reaching out to one another with respect, recogniiton of the dignity of each other, real love
-Reflections...Examen of Consciousness
reaction of consciusness -- conscious of the people with whom we spend the day - taking the time to examine, consider, reflect, have people been greeted by me/you? When people talk to me, how do they leave me?

It doesn't matter which door we enter, as long as we enter.

Stages of Critical Thinking Development

Teaching what matters most (book)



Stages of Compassionate Action
Compassionate Action = Human Full Alive = Glory of God

- in education, we encounter Jesus in others and reveal God's face to others
- education is a force filed surrounded by love
- Sacred Heart competencies
--- silence
--- listening
---dialogue (transforms us)
---self knowledge leading to maturity
---hope as compassionate action
--reflection- Examen of Consciousness

Some Suzanne quotations:
-"Does not matter which door you enter; it matters tha you enter the door"
- "Holiness today is expressed as compassionate action"
-"SH education continues the work of the Incarnation"

Kathleen Hughes: questions for discussion groups
  1. Strategies for the formation of the adult community as saints savants?
  2. Global competency grid?
  3. Are we good news for the poor?
  4. Formal structure for us?
  5. Popular and formal education collaboration?

_Response to Questions and Group Reports_

Special situation in France -- insist on the importance of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart -- direction of some schools may not be aligned with the mission and in the same direction - RSCJ involvement CRITICAL and KEY - need the RSCJ help

Need Society to share with us -- Who are the Society?
Central Team (5 people)
Provinces (Provincial is the local leader)
We need to meet the people who are the Society.

The spirit of the letter from Joigny and Amiens -- as the religious order evolves and the schools evolve...the communication of all is essential -- so that we mutually inform and therefore reform the direction for the future - mutual of calling forth is essential

concern is that these are lofty hopes (webpage portal) -- may need more dedicated structures to get it going and sustainability

Recommendation is that we have assigned the task to NSHS -- eventually there will be an international website -- using an established website with work in motion
Resources engaged by time frame -- Transition in effect - Process

Ideal will work towards an independent website that is all encompassing

All questions are linked -- all of us should take the responsiblity to take this to a dependent level

Taiwan -- close to the RSCJ - isolated politically - laws of the country whereas the RSCJ are not trained -- RSCJ develop with hearts in the school
RSCJ should listen -- what are the questions -- a mutual relationship -- RSCJ should be mutual with schools

Teachers (Schools) want contemplation, then community

RSCJ and schools have different roles but are of one heart.....

Intervals between can we help stay in communion
Conference videotaped -- gather speaker, broadcast, use the website to have a chat, then schedule Skype sessions for conversations
What is the follow-up so the meeting does not wait four (4) years?

_Another Response_

- Suzanne: situation in France, involve RSCJ in schools (5)
- Carol: (5) Society share information: who is the Society? Importance to really talk with the members of thenSociety
- Suzanne: spirit of the Joigny letter - dialogue and conversation essential; integrity of Society and institutions
- Nat: communication, lofty hopes for,volunteers, might need something more
- Lucy: assigning tasks to Network staff: okay?
- Madeleine: need an international website, but for now, okay with Stephanie's work, resources unclear
- Suzanne: time frame created for a transition
- Nancy: all questions linked; keep our communities linked
- Sr Sun: Taiwan has only one school, Taiwan isolated as an island, government requirements beyond the RSCJ training, faculty close to RSCJ, RSCJ hearts in the school, RSCJ must make the effort to be involved giving direction and spirit, be interested in each other, translation: getting better and better
- Suzanne: four years the right interval between these meetings? Make use of Skype
(Gerry Grossman)