Thursday, October 20

What We Face and Experience Together

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with Rosa Wong
Campus Minister of SHGS

works with and teaches students about spirituality (98% non-christians)

Sharing reflections and expectations with much discussion

Symbols to express
What has happened on earth in te past 4 (four) years since the last meeting of the International Heads of School?

The impact of waht happens outside impacts and makes "ripples" to what is inside (schools, self, etc.)

Is it possible we make our schools (inside) cocooned (protected) not polluted from the outside impacts with nothing to do with the outside. What is "we" and what is "they"? Our life is like a river and the world is like a leaf flowing down and passing by.

Video with small paper...write words of feeling (touching heart and mind) from video while watching...

What We Face and Experience Together

Question: During the last four (4) years, what is the most important event in your country that impacted your school?

-Economy (emotional triggers, cautionary reactions and lives, many schools including public education are impacted from lack of funding, creates anxiety)
  • also a good thing to force decisions and choices to live lifestyles that are more "meaningful"
  • governments began to fund schools through an awareness of need and importance
-Explosion of Social Media (identity)
-Election of Barack Obama and other political leadership in other countries (government changes: Korea)
-Conflicts around the world
-Wall Street
-Many kinds of violence (familial violence, security changes, consciousness)
-Physical disasters (earthquake, tsunami, etc.) - bringing out the generosity of people
-Well protected schools in many countries and students are not so well aware of what is going on in the "outside" world (students living a "coddled" life)
  • SH Schools are indeed a haven for many students
-Lack of community -- fragmentation
-Riots in UK
-People of our countries who are killed in conflicts
-Suffering people from malnutrition and starving
  • How can we say to our children not to have fear of war, the world, natural disaster where we are living in a world that holds so much danger?
-Sustainable energy
-Increasingly divided societies (people not talking to each other both in Society and in the Church -- not "teaching" compromise
-Strong changes in AUS -- national system of health and education

Question: What have you (your school) done in the last four (4) years that contributed alot to you society? (achievement)

-Focus on peace and delivering songs, poems, etc, to enhance the consciousness of peace
-Importance of Service (international service as well as domestic)
  • Transforming Lives, one life at a time
-Happiness in the deepest sense (equip students with tools to discover tru happiness...we can transpose the mind and soul)
-National and world contribution -- importance of serviing (Network projects)
-Live together (teaching students to be tolerant and respectful) --Global Society
-Outrerach to others that focused on relationships (focus on who and what)
  • Uganda (faculty exchanges)
  • Homelessness
  • Home for Developmentally challenged
-Increase adocacy and diversity in schools (support economic diversity -- growing a boys division to a school -- enroll ethnic diversity)
-Social awareness that impels to action (realiing service and the outreach through all the disasters -- developing a pride and gratefulness tha tmakes us all realize that we are ONE SACRED HEART FAMILY and we need to continue to work on that real "thing")
  • students are acquiring "deep in their hearts" that sense of reall service -- a real, true awareness of what is happening around the world
-Do contribute to the identity and definition of social action and programs that are then forwarded onto other schools
-Boys' schools as a trend in Sacred Heart education


Rosa Wong (faculty at Taiwan)
- what has happened in the last years in SH schools
- use of symbols, e.g. Glass of water (water is SH) and then glass of water in a container (protecting our children)
- discussion questions
-- last four years most important outside event effecting school?
-- what have you done in the last four years to benefit your country?
* Spain: economic crisis
* Mexico: violence of many sorts; schools made many changes to provide safety/security
* Korea: last president human rights lawyer w/o experience but now experienced but not honest; N-S deaths
*Australia: earthquake
*Taiwan: funds released by government.
*US: service and it's importance in impacting student's lives/ world; tolerance and beyond in learning to live together in a global society; outreach in building of relationships with those with whom we share service; advocacy for diversity
* world: economic crisis
*France: "The Arab spring"
*well protected students lacking community, e.g. Social media; also, school as safe haven
*UK: riots
* India: malnutrition
*Japan: earthquake, radiation, tsunami, G-C impact of Goal III
*"children can leave from fear"; environmental dangers, divided societies that do not speak to one another
*Austria: standardized final exams
*Australia: more government, gov't giving money to all schools
*Canada: adding boys schools/boys education
*Congo: le guerre
(Gerry Grossman)