Monday, October 24

Network Discussion

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From the UK - England
Invitation from the Province via Hilary Thompson

Janet Erskine Stuart events

Janet Erskine Stuart
Celebrating her legacy one hundred years after her death

Society of England and Wales

Foundress of schools - traveler of countries

Launch of the Centenary Year
July 22- 26, 2013
Celebrate her heritage but also look at the education as in the future

Academic conference

Triduum with Janet Stuart
June 27-30, 2014

Centenary Eucharist of Thanksgiving
October 19, 2014

US Network
Save the Date

October 21, 2014
Teleconference -- World-wide prayer conference

Calendar of MSB (already in effect)
Create calendar for JES Stuart by schools who carry JES name

What we do as a Network (individually)?

What do we need as "assistance" to continue or enhance the work?


-Meeting together every two (2) years
-Wish to build a Network
-Information Sharing (Admin and Faculty)
-Students to recognize they are part of a larger family
-Day of prayer or sharing different cultures
-Faculty formation
-Taiwan cultural camp (August) -- engage other countries as the host
-Meeting in Mumbai -- have meetings like this for faculty (Korea) included with HOS
-Since Joigny have been working with AUS, New Zealand
-Named a contact person for each country to begin relationships


-What we can offer -- the richness of different cultures (Spain, Italy, France, Austria)
-Open to visits from anyone (Choirs, Schools, Teachers, Students) - establish links personally
-Have students brought together and under the topic/theme..."We are Students of the Sacred Heart" -- What can we learn from each other under that question.
-Website for Network (login/password)


-No Network in Africa, but in Congo with meetings
-The subject they have in common
-Structuring the teachers
-School in Chad/Uganda are not in attendance so it is challenging to coordinate
-Needs are very different depending on the region
-Access to technology is limited
-Would like to organize more exhcange - political/international/social level
-Would like students to more aware of other students in other parts of the world
-Want to create a Network in Africa, prefer to have this long term
-Everything that has happened during this meeting -- SOFIE International page used as a model
-Will use the next meeting of the Provincial to request and promote the model of SOFIE (and other pages like it)

Australia/New Zealand

-from 1990's
-Three (3) AUS and One (1) Auckland
-Well established an provide a great dealof collegiality iwth four (4) meetings per year
-Plan activities together for schools and conferences
-Active in trying to attend meetings as a group (provides extended times to discuss)
-Each year -- Principal's retreat (one day)
-Support for significant occasions (100th anniversary of Sturatholme, etc.) -- Principals and students from the schools attend activities and ceremonies
-Attended World Youth Day (Sydney)
-Student exchange - attend camps, city experiences across all levels of schools
-Students and parents are clear to know and understand that they are part of the Network
-Skype conferences with student leadership (global issues, social issues)
-Board chairs/Principals/Provincial Team meet once per year
-Focused on Formation to Mission (conference heldthis year) -- Leadership and staff to KRB in 2011
-Meeting of Principals and Finance (next year with Deputy Heads)
-Challenges -- improve staff induction model (Province Director of Mission) -- looking at the Mexico model
-Schools have websites, yet looking for a better model for a Network webpage
-Very interested in hosting students and due to geography can easily visit all schools in AUS/AUCK
-Engaged and very interesed in teacher exchange with engagement and reflection ("Teacher Shadowing")
-Lots of opportunities AUS/AUCK would love to support


-trying to stay in touch (Skype once per month)
-posters on CD
-creating a common chat room (SOFIE)
-service by going to "garbage dumps" -- photos of schools showing the quality of life in other countries
-trying to, at the beginning of Board meetings - sharing something about other schools (one per meeting)
-updated world-wide poster for each school
-Google map that is interactive zooming in on each school, etc.
-Google map that shows how is on SOFIE, etc.
-accurate list of who HOS/Exhcange coordinator/etc. (with digital directory with images)
-MS exchanges - updated info as to who engages this activity
-Faces about a directoy -- login and update for self (security for images of each)
-A place where every school could login and explain/ddescribe an annual theme -- partner with schools of like-themed ideas -- enhance and build relationships around that theme
-SOFIE (Schools Online for Interactive Education -
-Sister (City) schools -- identify a school and create a Sister program with that school -- present information on that school
-Walk Labyrinth -- Where on each property for this capability
-Prayer and Fun (like at this meeting) -- different than currently inthe US with conferences and meetings
-How to know "who" to bring to meetings (use technology to "dial in" to meetings and structure
------------------Stuart is attempting a WebEx to engage off site people
------------------Completing this with Atherton and Carrollton after school (with Webcasting and Skype)
-Haiti (Society within Haiti from NA) -- meant to be a popular school so it is owned by the people, asked for by DR/Nurses from the local clinics, and to provide a school for DR/Nurses children to attend -- Need assistance to sponsor children and teachers (95% of children are paying for school in Haiti) -- Attending schools freely will be gift -- Already a Network of such schools so there is support -- Very poor population -- Valentine's Day (global bake sale -- program to support this effort and this is the first event) -- Attendees from Global Ed conference volunteered to go back to the schools and be the contact person -- Contact will be made by Molly Nuell (Hearts for Haiti)
-Service projects -- local students have great ideas and yet we are approached, we want to "do the right thing" -- what engagements and involvvements are optional and what are expected

-Papalotzin -- geography is taught as North America (Mexico, US, Canada) (monarch butterfly that migrates between Canada, US and Mexico) -- Sharing resources, activities, etc.
------------------New platform
------------------DIscuss with Marta to engage schools in participating
------------------Resource is there for everyone
------------------Platform for collaborative activities and projects; creative as the people who wish to engage
------------------Develop understanding of how to use it
------------------Weave within the International virtual site
------------------Only as good as those who employ the rersources
------------------Enhanced accessibility
-Two (2) year Formation to Mission (for adults) plan online
Use platform to move and engage in different modules (lessons, documentation materials) -- process over time where interaction occurs with others
Using Society resources
Develops in consort with the Mexican Province and the schools in Mexico
Develop a way to "take a look" and use it in the US and Canada (other international schools)
Reorganize topics that are uniquely essential to the US and Canada from the model of Mexico
-Redlac --- one of the options for the next meeting (Guadalajara or Vienna-2015)
-------disciplined about meetings
-------meetings for Heads will be over and beyond what other meetings will occur
-------wanting to invite the Latin American HOS
-------enthusiastic in connecting (high interest and great desire) -- no impediment of their hearts to attend
-------Pool money on plane tickets and divide
-------Composition of Redlac is different -- include as many people as possible -- topic of meeting determines theme

Thinking of the next place is to think about where we haven't been --- Africa and Latin America
Most schools use the four (4) years to accumulate the amount of money requirerd to attend and participate

With technology, we can connect via these tools...