Question #2:
Yong Zhao has proposed three dimensions of global competency: the affective or ethical dimension, the action dimension, and the academic dimension. Is this template helpful in your situation? Would you add anything to his categories?
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13 people from 9 countries with 3 languages

Reread question and quote
Talking about 3 dimensions of global competencies

What is the relationship between the competencies and teh 21st century skills?

How do we begin? Begin with the end.... Reveal the heart/love of God. What do we need to do to get our students to that end.

Competency of Compassion

Competency of Community

asking good questions
seeing things in terms of love
develop the eyesight to see the root of oneself
seeking real meaning
deeply and basically human in the best sense
be coureageous
be hope-filled

Relationship to the opennes to the transcedent?

Categorize competencies
subjective - interiority - self awareness - self worth - prayer - silence
inter-subjective - generosity - service - community
objective - the usual objective world

interior - heart

exterior - head


2. Curriculum (Maureen Glavin)
- capacity to be deeply human, without fear, charity, compassion, etc.
- openness to the transcendence and the doctrines of the Church
- categorize the competencies: subject, inter subjective, objective
- capacities of the heart; capacities of the head
(Gerry Grossman)