Statement and Comments

Kim Sook Hee, RSCJ

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Suzanne Cooke

Choose to complete 2 (two) documents

-to those who are unable to attend and participants (final and accepted)

-to Sr. Conan -- response (final and accepted)

Close collaboration with interconnectivity thruogh schools and RSCJ
Need Group discussion information

Statement about next steps (FInalize later -- see page)

Letter to All International Heads

Read letter (insert here)

1st Paragraph -- accepted with no changes
2nd Paragraph -- accepted with no changes
3rd Paragraph -- quote of Kathleen's -- interpretation is accepted -- listened to conversations -- add reference to action/innovation -- general topic as Christ-centered in a community that is not Catholic -- proclaim the name of Jesus (Christ) -- be aware of the politcal implications when including language of God, Jesus, Christ...potential "backlash" -- compassionate action (dividded world) -- this is SH Education and an example of this in action -- fragile world (inspired by the bonds of our community -- nothing fragile about that bond -- tremendous strength in sharing of that spirit)

Decisions #1
Virtual community
Rationale -- accepted as completer
Plan -- accepted as complete

This virtual community IS NOT a new website for the international community -- does not replace existing mechanisms
Change "creation" language --- not a webpage but a page
Natural hyperlinks placed to existing sites
How would other languages be accepted in contributions? (Task force will deliberate)

Innovation and creativity make things happen

Potential structure -- formalize international network

State more explicitly -- success is dependent on everyone contriubting regularly and current

Sr. Conan letter:
Rationale: accepted with no changes
Plan: accepted with no changes

"Absolute commitment" to the RSCJ (not just Society) -- "...relationship to the RSCJ and commitment to the mission..."

Clarity of letter of 2000 (not all are aware andunderstand that reference)

OUR ACTIONS when we return -- go back with a practical action for and with our students, faculty, staff, communities
-Day of Prayer (add in next steps)


Are they phrased properly?

Educating in a pluralistic society raises new challenges to our Catholic identity. How do we honor the faith traditions of our students and remain true to our Catholic identity?

increasing urgency
educating in a pluralistic society is something we have ALWAYS benn about -- obesrvation is to use the theme of the conference -- promoting the theme in the statement
identity in Catholic schools not just Catholic identity

We explored the idea of competencies for global citizenship. We sense that there are competencies for compassion and community. What are they and how might we Sacred Heart educators identify and defie such compentencies?
Next Steps:

Add wiki link
Stephanie's identity (not everyone knows)
Skype session for Directors (identify and define)

Frequency -- quite a bit of conversation around frequency -- discuss with next steps and then plant into the letter

Letter to Sr. Kathleen Conan, Superior General

Sent to Sr. Conan, indivudally and specifically rather than the entire council

Paragraph #1
Competencies -- projecting toward students, yet needs to include formation of adults
We are inspired -- add "by each other"
Add title of conference
Exchange ideas (this afternoon and some has happened)
Question about "habits of mind" -- Did we discuss this? In some groups, yet not shared.

Perhaps add: Formed relationships
Important to acknowldege that "we" have been heard so reference to previous Chapters

Paragraph #2
"In that spirit....
implementing or furthering mission? change to "further"

Paragraph #3
range of experiences in the group -- intend and desire to celebrate the relationships

Should we bring in reciprocity of RSCJ, etc.? So that the RSCJ are intentional and informed with this request.
Paraphasing from previous meetings

Final paragraph
Is formation to mission part of our international...does this transfer to all realities and experiences?

Use of this phrase is to specifically call for "help" from the RSCJ and the Society to nuture (action on part of RSCJ)
We need help to insure we all know what is going on around the world in SH

Facilitate dialog with Provincials and formal educators -- phrase in bullets (bubbles)

Range -- delicate issue -- be more straightforward -- state the obvious

Each province is unique as each school is unique

Help us today in our thinking about the actual mission or change in the mission (if necessary) with the thinking can we establish or structure communication and dialogu to realize the situation today in the Society -- how the Society sees the continuation of the mission and the Society
This is the work of the General Chapters.

Second Draft

Letter to Ourselves and Colleagues serving as the report

Paragraph #1 -- accepted
Paragraph #2 -- accepted
Paragraph #3 -- acceepted

NEED to reflect a strong need for this in the first paragraph

JiPing as an engineer and SH Alum
Stephanie (Network of Sacred Heart Schools -- Director of Technology and Global Integration)

We need access to the substantive conversations in the preparation and application of the information for the Society meetings.(Michael Dougherty - Josephinum, Chicago, IL, USA)

1. Establish a Virtual Community:
Rationale: accepted
Plan: changes made while read and accepted

Google removed and add addiitonal tools
"Essential" in quotes to emphasize

Possibly encourage pictures of international schools in all schools -- also have webcam in each lobby of all schools for active views into our schools

2. Letter to Sr. Conan
Rationale: accepted
Plan: accepted

Letter sent to the entire Central Team not just Sr. Conan insuring more effectively what we want to see happen

Read by Suzanne
In certain places, especially where RSCJ are mentioned....does this sound like the RSCJ are not part of this group
Not the intention....but, there is a difference in this total group bevcause as lay colleagues we do not have access to the Chapter Documents, to enhance the mission
Check letter for this "difference" and "soften" or specify
Add reference to adults in exploring ways to specify competencies
Within this conference we, as a group, have felt mutualy supported by both RSCJ and lay people...emphasize more as a whole than segregation
Add "for all members of the commutniy"
the sacredness of collaboration is what we want to expose (change and report in next steps) -- the union of all -- usee the term Sacred Heart educator
Wasn't exactly a letter, but a document (April 2000) -- Remove Sacred Heart from the connecting International
Mention that we need to insure "friends of Sacred Heart" entire title of the letter (will insure the exact title is reported)
Insure the use of RSCJ -- there is a difference between 2000 and today -- lack of collaboration between RSCJ and lay heads of school (consistent collaboration) There has been progress and growth, but in this group there is a sense and conversation of urgency that this continue and improve
"...The mission flourishes when true collaboration exists and/or is authentic..."
Paragraph ...In that spirit...
We are specifically asiking the Council to be colleagues and collaborators...
Difficult to be incollaboration with an entity (Society of the SH) if its direction is the result of conversations that only include RSCJ -- impress upon leadership that this is not helpful to the Society, the RSCJ and schools

First (bubble/bullet) point
Include the word ... ALL
We desire the to know the mind and heart of the Society (Religious)
Second (bubble/bullet) point
Is there a way who are not Heads from the conference can "sign" the letter?
3. Day of Prayer for all schools in the world

Read and accepted

Next steps:

_Gerry Grossman__

The last day...

1. Sharing of the Statement and Comments

A. Presenter: Suzanne Cooke, rscj: Letter for colleagues not present
1). International virtual community, temporarily hosted on
2). Write to Sr. Conan: Society leadership to support our shared mission
- embracing pluralisitc religious diversity while being faithful to RC
- competencies of global citizenship

- include "Christ" in the letter
- include some things about curriculum
- more formalized network
- commitment to put things on the web page
- identify who Stephanie is

B. Presenter: Suzanne Cooke, rscj: letter to Sr. Conan
- competencies should include those for adult educators
- inspired by eachother
- include title of this conferernce
- have we exchanged ideas about programs
- habits of the heart? Have we developed these?
- also formed relationships as well as exchanged
- are we implementing or furthering the Society's mission? Furthering it.
- need for consistency of experience in paragraph beginning "In that spirit..."
- reciprocity with lay collaborators - hope for the nuns
- is Formation Mission part of our common lexicon? yes
- what are we asking of Sr. Conan? guidance and data
- suggestion: Please help us with...a list (bullets)
- state clearly that "we recognize..." pluralism
- change in the actual mission or the thinking process... dialogue about the situation today... how does the Society see the continuation of the mission
- that is the specific work of general chapters (we need access to information in preparation for and follow up after the chapter as that is the work and process of the general chapter

Third Draft

Took into account all suggestions and made changes

Letter to Sr. Conan and the General Council


Representative for Sr. Conan in attendance and will transfer all information to her
Congo -- Letters are very deep and we appreciate it very much -- Translation into languages of Society

Letter to Heads of School

RE: Conference Report

-will add next meeting information as discussed