Societa del Sacre Cuore
Casa Generalizia

October 1, 2011

Dear Colleagues in the mission of Sacred Heart education,

As you gather in Taiwan, I want to thank you on behalf of the General Council for your commitment to living and enabling others to live the values of Sacred Heart education in the institutions and educational centers which you lead. As the Chapter of 2008 says, the heritage of Madeleine Sophie now belongs to all of us.

May your time together be an occasion for deepening your understanding of the fire that fueled Sophie's passion for an education of the whole person, with great love, in faith, for the transformation of the world. May it be a time of appreciating with reverence and deep interest the many ways her charism finds expression in such very different contexts around the globe.

As you listen to one another these days, I invite you to ask yourselves what you are hearing of the heartbeat of God in the reality of our world. At times it may be God's aching heart, as you become aware of the pain, loss, violence, injustice and lack of resources and support which some of your students’ experience. At times is may be God's joy and hope as you witness the creativity and commitment of educators around the world to finding ways to awaken in their students a curiosity which fuels learning, a capacity for analysis which creates meaning, a pattern of critical thinking which leads to decisions based on Gospel values. At times is may be God's compassion and tender, faithful love as you ponder ways to support one another in offering an education of the whole person in the midst of our ever-changing world, an education in which each student experiences from the adult community and from each other in unconditional love which recognizes their value as persons, draws forth and hones their gifts, and enables them to become happy, generous people who are able to share love and create peace in the world.

May these days be a time of searching together how to best educate to the justice, peace and care of creation which our planet so needs, that this generation of young people may be able to live the fullness of life which God desires. For each one of you, may these days be a personal renewal of that which has led you to commit yourselves to being, and enabling other to be, God's heart to our world.

With much gratitude and prayer,

Kathleen Conan, RSCJ
Superior General