Monday, October 24

Future Plan

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October 24th -- MSB Quote for the day (from the daily calendar)
"Our union brings far off Countries close, and we are never separated."
To all Heads of Schools

To Sr. Conan and the General Council

Led by Kim Sook Hee

-Stay in touch -- keep energy going
-Try to convey the wonderful experience to all faculty and staff once we get home
-Translating this in language that means something to our faculty and staff
-Looking for ways to get into contact with other parts of the world -- teacher exchange -- lower expenses
-Olivier will help with Networks

-Focused on practical things with sharing (faculty/students)
-Partnering every year with schools around the world
-As alum students have a group of internationsal friends with whom they can continue to maintain frienships and contacts
-Exchanging world events and sharing perspectives

-Idea of world-wide prayer day -- Global in focus -- linked to SH Feast Days (observed everywhere with everyone in mind
-Teacher shadowing
-Noted SH-Montreal is not here -- celebrating Gala end -- format of sending a "Congrats!"

-Be conscious of whatever steps that are decided -- Must be broad enough to be followed
-Make a commitment to DO WHAT WE SAY with the SOFIE connected page
-Shared day of prayer - or another way of saying and using the power of celebration (maybe the theme of this conference) -- focus on issues entirely up to each school
-Liked idea of sharing and pairing with other schols -- by year and/or changing every year
-Did think the link between the schools should be given some shape from this theme or copetencies -- DON'T LOSE THIS!
-Formation of SH educators -- useful and practical to draw on existing materials, but also Schools and Networks to design something according to local needs

-Practical point -- update the directory of the conference (correct e-mail) along with Skype ID -- Send to Charlotte Chen
-List of all SH schools, locations, etc.

-What do we want to do? HOW?????
-Action Plan needs to be developed

-Proposed May 25 -- each school to pray and to cover "compassion" -- discuss social service, creation, justice, integrity
-Talk deeply about these issues
-But, some schools are not in school -- so take care of this at a local level
-Concept is to discuss "compassion" in a deep manner, then take action
-Find a day
-November 21 (Anniversary of the Society)
-November 1
-Liturgical Season (during Lent)

-on SOFIE we have a calendar of all regional or global conferences (IE: London in 2014 and add a day to spend together
-Topic for next meeting (2015)
-Aware that General Chapter (2016)
-Take GC Theme and feed in our thoughts into GC -- enveloping communion that we are looking for
-Replicate the "wonderful" spirit experienced in Taiwan
-Translations (Kathleen's talk translation will come soon in SP/FR)

-Send delegate or two to the Chapter -- last time had 8 (eight) and the Chapter held an intercession to meet with the delegates

Hosting next International HOS meeting

Topic discussed during all conference
We have been to Europe, Australia, USA, Asia --- perhaps we could move to Africa or Latin America
Proposition to Mexico.....
Mexico is a good option due to inviting Latin America
Mexico CIty
But, they need to confer, discuss and patience is needed!
Will meet with schools and the Provincial Team
Decide by January, 2012

Need to create a 2nd option -- Austria (?)
European would be honored as a 2nd option, but prefer to include Latin America and provide more convenience for their participation
If 2nd option is taken, then close to Vienna or Paris

However, could not match this year's conference -- would be simpler.

Advantage to Mexico City is that it is less expensive, but Guadalajara would have more housing opportunities

Egypt would love to host the conference and we would love being in Egypt, but a decision could not be made until "things" are settled a bit, politically, etc.

Someday Africa needs to be our place....complete some soul searching
Uganda is not too far from being able to host -- celebrating their 50th as a province in January, 2012
The country is "wanting" to host exchange, groups, service, conferences
The welcome and richness of Uganda has been as overwhelming and warm...this is their wish

Important to show that the group IS wanting to go to Africa.....

Is doable and a wonderful experience....

There should be a committee organizing toward more discussion of "place" and "time" to enable fruition and insure the spirit of this conference

This committee should be 3 (three) members: 1 (one) from Taiwan and 2 (two) others from various countries (including host)

"You all know if one person dreams, it will remain as a dream, but when we dream together it will be a reality."