Sunday, October 23

Discussion and Reflection

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Discussion Guideline
Vision of Sacred Heart

1. Spirituality
  • Dialog towards Communion: Walking with humanity

How to walk the sacred path? Rediscover the Self and teh God within?
Suggest the labryrinth as spiritual guide, the trilogy of experience in the labryrinth walk.
  • What is energizing? What gives hope? How in everyday living to stay with the LIght?
How to stay on the path and respond to the calling? How to be fulfilled with a sense of completion? How do we do "smal things" but something tha tis good for the humanity everyday?
  • How to educate our students to be contemplative and prophetic?

Group Discussion:

2. Collaboration/Multicultural
  • Intercultural dialogue - How to build cross-cultural perspective? Find new ways of education and communication
  • To respect and appreciate to be empathetic. ALways take the mutually respectful (equalizing) disposition without judging or labeling
  • How to see with new eyes? How to encourage curiosity? Observe and listen. Basic methodology in ethnography, from observation to insight.
  • Have you collaborated with schools from another culture or religion? What have been your experience, success and failure in cross-cultural exchanges? Who benefited most from the exchange? What was your personal take-away?

Group Discussion:
Students come from different cultures, backgrounds and religions
Many experiences in exchange with schools of different countries and different religions
Congo -- most of the school visited SH for competition -- mathematics -- realized that there was no prize awarded to SH, but to the Muslim school so the expereince was one of unfair treatment
Flags given and some students burned different flags as protest for some students who were allowed to participate
At conclusion...important step is to prepare well (staff, faculty, students) prior so every has enough information about the culture
Include in curriculum -- teaching students about different religions and cultures
Schools are nominaly Catholic schools - but we wish we collect all sorts of students and can we really accept all students who come from many different religions
What will their participation be in Liturgies and other "religious" studies?
We have alot of work to do and a long way to go in this direction. Once we return to our schools, we will begin and continue the work of this balance.
Concerns all of us...discuss this (labeled as Catholic schools -- what are we going to give up or hold on to)

We need inter-religious dialog! (Carol Doss)

3. Social Awareness/Communal/ Global/Cosmic Minded
  • How do you promote in youth their sense of "Justice and Peace and the Integrity of Creation with Those Who are the Most Vulnerable"?
  • Do you have social sedrvice program(s) in your school?
  • Who are "the most vulnerable" in your society? Whom do you have in mind to serve when offering the service?
  • What are the goals of your social service(s) in your respective schools?
  • Address the most rewarding moment along the path of raising social awareness in your students.
  • How do you educate a person to be communal? How do you educate them to be globally conscious and be cosmic-minded?
  • How do you eduate for the prophetic and communcal dimension in today's youth?
Group Discussion:

Book: It's the Way We Observe