Saturday, October 22

Discussion and Sharing

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Question #1:
What strategies have you developed for the formation of the adult community as saints savants? What personal and professional development do you offer? What help do you look for from the Society?

Question #2:
Yong Zhao has proposed three dimensions of global competency: the affective or ethical dimension, the action dimension, and the academic dimension. Is this template helpful in your situation? Would you add anything to his categories?

Question #3:
How is our international network of schools “good news for the poor”? In 2000 you stated: “We wish to live as ‘Good News’ for the poorest, and to this end we commit ourselves, in our educational institutions to seeks together the implementation of projects for solidarity, communion, and education for peace.” Do you have further insight about what that might look like?

Question #4:
What can we do better together than alone and what formal structure will make that happen?

Question #5:
Can you imagine the possibility that each of our institutions might forge a bond with one of the Society’s works of popular education for our mutual enlightenment and enrichment?